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Why Choose TronGlobalProfits

TronGlobalProfits has everything you are looking or in an online program. We are a unique advertising platform whereby you can earn earn Tron either in our straightline levels or our team forced levels.

Straightline Matrix

Get placed in our 2x1 straighline matrix and cycle fast in levels 1 and 2.

Team Forced Matrix

Levels 3 - 8, you can earn in our 3x1 personally forced matrices.

Login Activity Bonus

Each matrix purchase will give you a login activity share that can earn up to 150% of the rev share purchase.

Direct Referral Bonus

Earn 10% direct referral bonuses on all rev share portions of each purchase.

Video Presentation

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Take 2 minutes to watch our compensastion overview video.

Unique Tron Opportunity

Earn in both of our straightline and Team Forced Matrix and earn Tron Quickly.

Earn Daily with our Login Activity Bonus

When you purchase either a straightlinen or team forced matrix, you will receive a login ad share. Login each day to earn more tron until it reaches 150% earnings.

How It Works

Getting Started

Getting started with TronGlobalProfits is simple as 1, 2, 3.

Follow Step 1

1. Signup today with your referrals link.

Follow Step 2

2. Deposit Tron to purchase your levels.

Follow Step 3

3. Share your referral link to earn even more.

The Growing Stats

As TronGlobalProftis attracts more new members, our program will flourish and payout more and more Tron everyday.

We hope you will join and get started today by depositing just 50 Trx into our straightline matrix. Once you do, you will be able to login each day and earn Tron from our daily login rev share pool.


Total Members


Total Adviews

63,014 TRX

Total Earnings


Compensation Plan

The TGP Mini System cost just 10 TRX to purchase a Level 1 in our company forced system.
Receive direct referral bonus for each level your referrals enter
Receive 10 Login ads, 10 banner ads and 10 Text ads for each purchase in this system
Once cycled each position advances to the next level, but you are able to also purchase each level on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered below, please submit a support ticket.

You can get started with TGP and enter Level 1 Straightline for just 50 TRX.

You can view the payouts on the chart above. For the login activity bonus you will earn each day you login up to 150% of the rev share portion of the matrix.

Please refer to the pay plan image above. The pay plan image lets you know the maximum Tron you can earn from each level for logging in each day.

No, your Activity Bonus shares will not mature automatically when you cycle a matrix. Each share will remain active until you have earned the maximum Tron per share.

You will earn 1-6% of the total pool each day you login. We will adjust this each day to maximize the longevity of the program. You will earn each day you login for each share you have. For example, if you purchase up to Level 5, you will have 5 shares that will be paid each day when you login.

If You're Still Reading, Stop Reading and Get Started Today!