Why choose ATP?

Long Lasting Advertising Profits

Automatic Tron Profits was created with the user in mind. We have combined some of the best advertising products with a pay plan that can generate you profits for years to come.

Low Startup Cost

Entering the ATP platform is simple and easy. Simply deposit or directly purchase your ATP 2x4 and profit share ad pack for 100 TRX.

Automatic Upgrades

Our system will automatically upgrade you to the next level of 2x4 and profit sharing each time you accumulate enough commission for the next level, AUTOMATICALLY.

300% Profit Sharing

When you enter any level in ATP, you have the potential of earning 300% in revenue sharing for that level. You simply need to login each day to receive any and all revenue share for that day.

Affordable Advertising

Level 1 starts at just 100 TRX. Each level after that cost only 100 TRX more than the previous level.

Login Advertising

Receive login ads for each matrix sharing level you purchase.

Text & Banner Advertising

Receive text and banner ads for each matrix sharing level you purchase.

300% Profit Sharing

When you purchase one of our ten levels, you are eligible to receive 300% profit share on that levels cost. IE Level 1 is 100 TRX, you could earn 300 TRX.

Automatic Upgrades

Once you purchase Level 1, our system will automatically upgrade you to the next level when you have enough funds in your available balance.

Simple 2x4 System

Earn quickly in our 2x4 system. Each of our 10 boards pays out 10% on Level 2, 15% on Level 3 and 25% on Level 4. Receive a paid reenty when you complete a 2 x 4 matrix and cycle.

Compensation Plan

Automatic Tron Profits pay plan is unique and lucrative. When you purchase level 1 for 100 TRX, you will enter a 2x4 personally forced matrix and receive 1 revenue share worth 300% or 300 Trx. What makes this even more unique how we calculate the 300%.

The first calculation is you will earn 300% of each level from combined profits of both the matrix earning and revenue share. This means that if you earn 300 TRX in the 100 TRX level, your revenue share will expire and you will receive a new revenue share when you cycle that board.

The second way the revenue share is calculated is from total sales for each level each day. Each day 2% of the Total Revenue Share Pool is distributed via equal shares to all that qualify until they have earned 300% total earnings. The only stipulation is that you login once per day to view a login ad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our program only accepts TRX (Tron) coins. It cost 100 TRX to purchase level 1 of our program. Each additional level cost 100 TRX than the previous level. Our system will automatically upgrade you to the next level when you earn or deposit enough funds in your available balance.

Yes, Level 1 must be manually purchased but the remaining 9 levels (2-10) are auto upgraded. Meaning, as soon as the member has the funds to upgrade to the next level in their available balance they are auto upgraded to the next level until they are active in all 10 Levels.

Half of our revenue is paid out via the 2 x 4 matrix and half goes into the 300% Activity Revenue Sharing System. 2% of the activity sharing system pool is distributed daily in equal shares to all qualified members. To qualify the member must log into their back office at least once each day and also have an active matrix with total earnings (revenue sharing and matrix income combined) less than 3x the level purchase price. After the member earns 300% or more they can no longer earn revenue shares for that matrix until they cycle and open a new matrix at the same level. All 10 levels work the same way and have their own revenue sharing pool.

We understand you may have additional questions. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page by Clicking Here<


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